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H.T. Nienhuis asked 6 years ago

is it possible to make reseller account, what can add users and with the license plugin to select from a pool of 100 license, what only the admin can create, one license to a user?

Your demo is not working with the license plugin, thats why..

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago

License Plugin is meant for eCommerce Product that requires license, for example if you're selling gift card codes, game licenses ,...

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H.T. Nienhuis answered 6 years ago

please i need a answer how to add resellers what can sell for example a pool of 100 licenses for subscriptions what has a value of 6 month of 12 month

Henk Nienhuis answered 6 years ago

ok need extra modules? we dont only use cms and dont have a frontsite (website)