raise invoice numbers automatically and detail user info

Laraship QuestionsCategory: Technicalraise invoice numbers automatically and detail user info
henk nienhuis asked 6 years ago


when create a invoice, you need to add manually a invoice number. This will give many mistakes. It shall be successive and raise latest invoice number + 1.

2) under user, you can click on the username to see details and subscriptions. Why not the custom fields, invoices, licenses??

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago

1) Currently invoice number has a uinique code, we will consider your request, thanks for pointing this out :)

2) Since this is a modular platform, attached tabs dynamiccly is challenging, we have implemented this on profile page but not under user details

whitetornado.nl replied 6 years ago

1) yes its the law that invoices has a following number!!
2) and where is the profile page of the user??