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Stefan asked 2 years ago
When you open an url with filtered data inside the url, a error will appear in the console which comes from functions.js Due to this, any change made to the filtered page afterwards, will reset the whole table. reproduce: enable querybuilder, open users page, create a filter, refresh page, error in console. functions.js:678 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'UsersDataTable') at HTMLButtonElement. (functions.js:678) at HTMLDocument.dispatch (vendor.min.js:1) at HTMLDocument.m.handle (vendor.min.js:1) at Object.trigger (vendor.min.js:1) at HTMLButtonElement. (vendor.min.js:1) at Function.each (vendor.min.js:1) at S.fn.init.each (vendor.min.js:1) at S.fn.init.trigger (vendor.min.js:1) at S.fn.init.S.fn. [as click] (vendor.min.js:1) at users?q[condition]=AND&q[rules][0][id]=name&q[rules][0][field]=name&q[rules][0][type]=string&q[rules][0][input]=text&q[rules][0][operator]=equal&q[rules][0][value]=Stefan&q[valid]=true:1080
1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 2 years ago
Hello Our team has fixed the issues and release the fix, please update the foundation module to get the latest patch