Own Routes

Markus Markert asked 1 year ago
Hi, how can i add own routes? Must i create a module? or can i copy my Controllers / Models from my other project? how can i assign routes for special roles and put them into the menu?
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laraship Staff answered 1 year ago
Hello, If you don't want to create your own module you can still use the routes/web.php original routes files and add the controllers in the laravel standard way, the reason we recommend creating your own module for code separation and structure
Markus Markert replied 1 year ago

ok understand, but your documentation is really rar what the creation of an module is. do you have further information about creating a module, how to implement the view, the roles rights …?

Markus Markert replied 1 year ago

pls, do you have more documentation on how i can write a own module?

Markus Markert replied 1 year ago

that is now the “advanced” support?

robernet replied 10 months ago

There’s a directory called FooBar, which have everything you need to create your own module. All you have to do is replace the word “Foo” with the name of your project and the word “Bar” with the name of the models you want to add. Add all the Classes, Models, Controllers, views and routes there.. Check your spelling because the uppercase and lowercase are important.

You can read about that in the documentation: https://www.laraship.com/docs/laraship/customize-laraship/create-your-own-plugin/