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Dan asked 5 years ago
Hello Laraship, here are my questions:
  1. im interested (at least) in "Laraship Subscriptions" to accept client registrations, choosing of plans and doing /manage its payments.
what i exactly need to buy to get these features: stripe, paypal, offline (bank), plans, member registration and member dashboard, and all with ability for one time payments and subscription based payments (autopayment)
  1. does the paypal AND stripe integration support one time, recurring payments and package switching (upgrade + downgrade) ?
  2. what happens, lets say my server is offline or crashed and exactly in this moment i get some webhook calls from stripe for example. will i miss data/payments or will the data be somehow re-requested after time to avoid loss of data accuracy? or does your tool send these "stuff" to the providers? or both?
  3. as all gets done "automatic" by webhooks, i see there seems not to be a invoice due system or anything related (as its theoretically not needed). but is any cron and queue based mailing system implemented, that i can use for custom messages, reminders, warnings promotions and these stuff?
best wishes dan
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Dan,

Thanks for reaching us, please find answers below.

1) Laraship Subscriptions supports recurring products, Laraship eCommerce supports one time payments and they can be working side by side together in the same installation.

2) Before processing webhook its getting inserted to a database queue so that in case of the case you mentioned or an error happened you have an option to reprocess the item.

3) in order to standarize things especially you have offline and online payments implemented together its highly recommended to have invoices for all types of invoices and it git created by hook.