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st3fan asked 3 years ago

I have just had a customer purchase a subscription through the web interface with PayPal, he have payed and his subscription is active but I have these findings:

- Is it true there is no invoice generated?
- Is it true there is nu subscription cycle created?
- I dont see any webhook calls in the webhook history?

thanks in advance.
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laraship Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello Stefan, PayPal invoice is generated on webhooks incoming call when payment is made, below are the events handled
'events' => [
'PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\PayPal\Job\HandleInvoiceCreated::class,
'PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\PayPal\Job\HandleInvoicePaymentSucceeded::class,
'PAYMENT.SALE.DENIED' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\PayPal\Job\HandleInvoicePaymentFailed::class,
'BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CANCELLED' => \Corals\Modules\Payment\PayPal\Job\HandleCustomerSubscriptionDeleted::class,
You need to set up the webhook call at Paypal