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Bhavika asked 6 years ago
Hello Support, We have two instances of the website, Our Dev Version : http://dev.shera.esoft.co.za/ Our production version : http://she-ra.co.za the dev version is on micro instance of Amazon, where as production is on large instance of amazon server. Are we doing anything wrong ? Could you tell us what is an ideal expected server configuration to run the website and how much should be the ideal load time of the home page ?
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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Your Dev site is running fast in a second even you have the debug mode switched on,

We have 8 Laraship instances running on AWS meduim size instance with 8000 page views daily, you need to check with your system admin,

laraship Staff answered 6 years ago

if you check the screenshot below, Ive done pingodom speed test that made 79 concurrent sessions on the dev server and it was able to handle the sessions and load the site in 7 seconds.
We apologize, nothing we can help here.