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tsalivesignals asked 6 years ago
Hi We are receiving error on localhost install: php artisan migrate:fresh --seed PHP Fatal error: Interface 'Spatie/Media/Library/HasMediaInterfaces/HasMediaConversions' not found in /Users/pp/Downloads/laraship-subscriptions/Corals/core/User/Models/User.php on line 27 Attached the log file also. Thanks Steve
laraship Staff replied 6 years ago

Hello Steve,

We have never faced this issue before, what is the PHP version you’re using.
Can we arrange a team viewer session to debug the issue on your side.

tsalivesignals replied 6 years ago


Info as below:

PHP version is 7.2.11 The error however indicates that an interface is missing. The module on which they depend has changed.

Surely if you try a fresh install you get the same error as we do ?


Petar Dzhambazov replied 6 years ago

Hello guys, I am the one integrating your module. As Steve pointed out, spatie/laravel-medialibrary is changed. The result of `composer update` command installs the packages which Steve attached in original question. Installed version is 6.9.1 and in it there is NO HasMediaConversions Interface. So the issue is not with PHP version or any other issue in the environment, the issue is with that library’s dependency.

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Our team has confirm the issue is related with the release of yesterday of spatie/medialibrary 6.9.1

and the above workaround should fix it


laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Can you please change the line #27 from

    "spatie/laravel-medialibrary": "^6.6",


    "spatie/laravel-medialibrary": "6.9",

and run composer update again