Modify Location Types

Modify Location Types

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hola asked 9 months ago
Modify Location Types


I know that in Administration> Settings> Utilities is the option to add location types but they require keys.

In my country the territories are divided as follows:

Country> Region> Province> District

But in the Laraship structure there is only Country> State> City

1) Is there any way to modify this, please?

2) How can the location be assigned in the seller’s profile?

3) How to assign filter by location to products?


1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 9 months ago

  1. Yes you can change location types settings into Country ,  Region , Province , District .
  2. The location is assigned to Product or Listing ( for Classified and Directory)
  3. There is already filter by location in the products ( for Classified and Directory)


replied 9 months ago

Ok, where exactly can I find it?

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