Login/Registration/Contact us — all route to 404 not found.

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalLogin/Registration/Contact us — all route to 404 not found.
scott asked 4 years ago
As it says in the title, it seems nothing gets routed correctly.  The main screen pops up, but none of the links seem to work. I've run the corals:install several times, clearing out the db each time.  Each time I do a fresh install and have tried a variety of platforms and themes and get the same problem. I have tried with and without the demo data with the same result.  What should I be looking for? We're running php 7.2 on an AWS EC2 t2.medium instance. Thanks in advance!   Scott Kallen Kingfisherfiles.com
1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, This must be a server configuration. we think it's related to missing
AllowOverride All

in apache configuration