how to upload picture

how to upload picture

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mark asked 6 months ago

Hi Team,

I have site name and i have following issues.

1) how to upload picture as i am not able to upload the picutre on my “about us” page as its showing “drag and drop” but i am still not able to upload.

2) how to link social media account with people as i have to attach social media with me “meet the team” page.

3) Is is possible to upload video on the background?

1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 6 months ago


1) You can use Laraship File Manager to upload content easily there, and copy the urls in the CKeditor,

2) This can be done by editing the CMS page using CKeditor or the visual editor

3) it can be done using CSS

mark replied 6 months ago


for option 3) can you please provide me more steps as i have different videos for different clients.


laraship Staff replied 6 months ago

This is really different on how you want to embed the video, youtube , vimeo, self hosted so we don’t know exactly how do you want to implement it

mark replied 6 months ago

Hello team,

i want embed the videos from vimeo. this is how i want to implement. I have large number of clients and for each clients we have different video which i want to display on their own listing page.

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