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Oleg asked 6 years ago

Hi! I bought laraship e-commerce as platform to build my own shop with many of specific features.

Can you tell me in few words wich way is better to implement/change functionality in this platform?

All platform logic places in app/corals. So if i start change code right here - it will brakes update capability and make other problems. So how to expand source code of platform on best way?

Asking this question because i am new to laravel, but i have experience of other frameworks.

Thank you!

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Saeed Matar answered 6 years ago


Any direct changes to the direct modules will be wiped out when updating them, its highly recommed to use the best practise methods for customization like

1) Hooks and Filters

2) override views

3) override config files

4) create child theme

5) custom fields