error 500 – can’t login on server

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Emil asked 6 years ago


i installed laraship on localhost as described in video and everythings works fine.

after clear installation on local machine i moved the files to shared hosting server:

all public content into public_html

and other files into new directory "laraship" in root.

when launching the website i got Corals home page with login and registration, but when i'm trying to login i got error "500 -Sorry, Something went wrong!" Error.

after checking laravel.log file, i got many Warrning and Errors:

local.WARNING: Asset not found [plugins/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css]

local.ERROR: unserialize(): Error at offset 956 of 2755 bytes (View: /home/userfolder/laraship/resources/themes/admin/layouts/auth.blade.php)


Server PHP version 7.2

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