Does Laraship support EU VAT, bundles, discount rules, GDPR?

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalDoes Laraship support EU VAT, bundles, discount rules, GDPR?
Peter van Westen asked 6 years ago

I am looking into Laraship to replace my current subscription setup (built in Joomla).

I am wondering if Laraship offers these features, as I have not found the answers in the documentation.

Is there support for the European VAT rules as Spark does?


(So different VAT percentages applied based on location of buyer and seller and whether given VIES number is correct)

I currently offer yearly subscriptions for different products separately, a bundle (so gives access to all products) and a lifetime bundle (1 time payment, doesn't expire).

If someone has one or more separate individual subscriptions, they can upgrade to a bundle or lifetime bundle. And you can also upgrade from a bundle to a lifetime bundle.

Is such a setup possible with Laraship?

As the examples I have seen only show separate tiers per product (not bundles).

What are the options for discount rules?

Like discounts for upgrades. Discounts when selecting multiple subscriptions (like: buy 3, get 1 free. Or for every extra sub, extra 10% off).

What does Laraship offer regarding GDPR apart from the cookie consent?

The GDPR also covers stuff like users ability to see (or request to see) what data is stored of that user, etc...

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


  • Cookie consent feature is available and can be enabled and customized from the settings, bundled products is on our roadmap.
  • Taxes can be setup easily.
  • bundled discounts are not available

Also our team is happy for customizations