Cannot update Media Manager and Settings Manager

Cannot update Media Manager and Settings Manager

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalCannot update Media Manager and Settings Manager
equipetechnique asked 2 weeks ago


I cannot update Media Manager and Settings Manager. I am getting this error: “downloading module failed Failed to create folders”

we are running laraship on docker and our server has all rights to all files.

3 Answers
laraship Staff answered 2 weeks ago


1) Please double check the folders in public folder matches in the installation, there might be some missing folders

2) conform the webserve user is the same as files owner

3) conform folders in the public folder has the right permission.

equipetechnique replied 1 week ago

1) yes, the folders are indentical as in the instalation

2)and3): Our app runs on docker, the server has all rights to all files. I have also tried doing the update on a diferent server with WAMP but i still get the same error.

laraship Staff answered 1 week ago

We have already responded with the possibilities that can happen, and none of the clients we have faced this issue unless on server files issues.
Please send us your server details to [email protected] so we can check, however its 100% server issue which is on your side not ours.

hello3 replied 6 days ago

I am getting these same errors are these updates part of core as it states in modules or are they part of the extended license?

laraship Staff replied 6 days ago

Hello, The code is the same for both the standard and extended license, the difference can be found here

hello3 replied 6 days ago

I understand the different licenses except for what is the definition of Remote Updates? I like the OP am having the issue where cant update via the backend the Media Manager + Settings Manager. Maybe I am dumb but I cant find any real clarification what it is apart from referring to teh licence types which explains nothing about it?

laraship Staff replied 6 days ago


Remote updates means your license can connect to the update server and download and install the updates directly

hello3 replied 5 days ago

So if I have only had an install for a few weeks Media Manager + Settings Manager should be available for update via the backend/admin screen? Because whenever I try an update I get error
“downloading module failed couldn’t check updates: Remote update feature is available for extended licenses only!, you can upgrade your license from Laraship store”

laraship Staff answered 5 days ago


Yes you cam upgrade your license to extended here :

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