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Mostapha Ramadan asked 6 years ago
Hello Guys, İ really love LaraShip its so amazing, but İ have some problems with it! please İ need a very clear answers for these questions: İ have Laraship Form Builder & CMS, and got standered licenes and want to upgrade to Extended License, but İ"m afraid of the following: 1- İ have made very customized frontend theme that cost me time and money, and İ am afraid if İ got Extended License that will activite the auto update, and may that replace or remove my theme? 2- Can İ stop that auto updating feature and run it when İ want or not? 3- Once upgrade to Extended License and update will that fix this problem " " or not? Your honest clear answer is very much appricated.
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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Thanks ro reaching out :

1) if you made your customized theme the theme wont be lost

2) You can add DISABLE_UPDATE=true to disable update checks and upgrades

3) Yes fix is already pushed to the Update Server.

Its always highly recommended to backup your site before and create a dev environement to apply changes there before applying to live environement