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Mostapha Ramadan asked 6 years ago

Hello Guys,

İm creating a website using your laraship CMS system and İ"m using English and Arabic languages everything is working well... Except creating content in both languages,

For example lets say İ have a page called " Services " but i want this page to show up in Arabic as " الخدمات " in diffrent title and diffrent content ! here is what im diong:

1- created services page in english.

2- go to edit the page " " and click on Arabic flag write the content in arabic then save it! but whats happening is content in Arabic replacing the English content!

The problem is the new arabic content is replacing the english content! So how can we fix this problem?

Thanks alot

5 Answers
laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Do you mean the issue in the ckeditor is not getting saved with correct translations ?

Mostapha Ramadan answered 6 years ago

Exactly, is saving only English, if İ click on Arabic flag and wrote something! it will save in the English only! no translations saved!

Laraship Support answered 6 years ago

Hello Mustafa,

We're able to reproduce the issue as its related to ckeditor, we will push a new fix soon, meanwhile you can pull latest version from auto updater if you have an extended license

Mostapha Ramadan answered 6 years ago

How many days that can be taken? because my license is the normal one, not extended! i’m web developer , and I have a customer asking for that!

Mostapha Ramadan answered 6 years ago

Please any answer guys! i"m about to lose my customer!