Announcements permission error as a member

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st3fan asked 5 years ago
After allowing read access to the default member group to Announcements the following error occurs when a member is heading towards the "all announcements" link in the top right corner of the new Marketplace Dragon theme. Spatie Permission Exceptions PermissionDoesNotExist There is no permission named Administrations::admin.announcement for guard web.
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago


We're not sure how this permission got deleted from your side.

to fix it you have two options

1) Uninstall and install the Announcment Module

2) run the following code in tinker

# php artisan tinker

paste the code below



'name' => 'Administrations::admin.announcement',

'guard_name' => config('auth.defaults.guard'),

'created_at' => \Carbon\Carbon::now(),

'updated_at' => \Carbon\Carbon::now(),