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hola asked 5 years ago

I followed the steps of your documentation to translate the modules from English to Spanish, some modules were translated successfully and others presented errors. I detail it below:

Modules translated successfully:
- Adverts
- Marketplace
- Subscriptions

Modules with errors when translating:
- Announcement (
- Foo (
- Messaging (
- Payment (
- Referral (
- Slider (
- Utility (

I attach the images with the errors. Please, I wait for an answer to solve the problem.

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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello, Our Dev team is looking at now and will keep you updated.   Best Regards.
hola replied 5 years ago


I bought Laraship Cloud Hosting to avoid such problems. I need a solution immediately please, I am waiting.


laraship Staff replied 5 years ago

Hello, as I said the dev team is looking at, and we are working on a fix, we cannot have an immediate solution as there are a development process and releases and QA process, also this is med priority issue as its not a blocker and we stated on our documentation that google translation service is not 100% trusted.

hola replied 5 years ago


Ok, so give me a different solution to Google Translate to translate the modules.

In its documentation it only indicates that each module has its own translation file, but when I select Spanish, it does not translate everything and there are parts words in English.

laraship Staff replied 5 years ago

Yes each module has its translation files that are clearly under /resources/lang/[language] and you will see this folder under each module, same thing for theme you can find translation files under resources/themes/[theme-name]/lang/[language] you can go directly create your folder [es] copy and translate the files there

hola replied 5 years ago

Ok, so you say I have to go to /resources/lang/[language] and manually translate the words that are not translated?