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Martin Kutter asked 5 years ago
Hi Translating of some core files do not work: // Foundation
php artisan translate --module=corals-foundation --namespace=Foundation --from=en --to=de
----- TRANSLATING Corals/core/Foundation/resources/lang -----
----- TRANSLATING labels ----- In TranslateLocalisation.php line 135:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  // Elfinder
php artisan translate --module=corals-elfinder --namespace=Elfinder --from=en --to=de In TranslateLocalisation.php line 87:

Trying to get property 'type' of non-object
Is there a reason for that? Regards. Martin
1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Martin, the provided namespace is not correct, for Foundation Service provider its: Corals for file manager namespace it's: elfinder We just added an example on our documentation on how to grab the namespaces