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zsolt.gaspar1985 asked 5 years ago
If i edited the marketplace-marty theme, more specifically some logic in partial files and added a new language to the lang folder will i lose these when i update the theme?
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello, You can place your language files outside theme folder, please check out documentation¬† for example, if you're adding a new language for the marketplace Marty theme: you can place your languages   resources/lang/vendor/corals-marketplace-marty/lang/[language file] ¬†
zsolt.gaspar1985 replied 5 years ago

I know that, but i can’t translate the whole theme from there…. some partials have input fields which have placeholders like “Search products” those placeholders are hardcoded into the partials and the only way to override it is to edit the respective partial file code.