Subscriptions are not working well for me

Laraship QuestionsCategory: ConfigurationSubscriptions are not working well for me
Tarsicio Carrizales asked 3 years ago
I will try to explain myself again, we are trying to put the subscriptions into operation correctly, so that when a client registers in the system and becomes a seller, he can choose a desired plan and subscribe, the case is that this is not is working correctly, we have problems to configure this module as it should be configured, and the documentation that you have published is very scarce and we cannot understand, for example, how we configure so that once a client subscribes, he can see statistics of their best-selling products or, for example, how much mega do you have left if you choose a 100 MB storage plan, we have searched their documentation and they have no example of how to configure this part correctly. We are very grateful if you can help us with some documentation, to make this module work. thanks for what you can help. Happy day.
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laraship Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello, Thanks for the explanation, please note that usage logging is not part of the Subscription functionality, for example, if you need to track SMS sent, your code should log this in the usage table. so tracking is not Laraship Subscription responsibility, it's your integration responsibility to log. Subscription Module though has the capability to track Models counts, for example, if You have an SMS model, and there are records for a user in the table it can track the usage by calculating the number of records there, other advanced features you need to implement it on your end