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nao asked 6 years ago
I have questions. 1) I can see the attributes 'title', 'class', 'type', 'options', 'condition', and 'active'.
What are all attributes? 2) At 'type' attribute, what types can I set? 3) At 'condition' attribute, what values can I set? 4) If I set 'date' at 'type' attribute, what values can I set in condition attribute?
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nao replied 6 years ago

Additional questions.

5) Can getFilters() do ‘from to'(between) search?
If yes, how do I code?

nao replied 6 years ago

At question #5, the object of ‘from to’ search is value.
Good example is people’s age.
When I want to search user’s age, I input that ‘from’ is 20 and ‘to’ is 30.

nao replied 6 years ago

Additional question.

6) When the attribute type of field is ‘date,’ the the value of ‘title’ attribute can’t show for user’s eye.
It’s in the placeholder.
This brings that if some ‘date’ fields are in the getColumns(), user can’t recognize which field is ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’.

So how do I code to show the label value before select element?

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago
Hello,  You have examples available  for different filter types, there is date range field but not numeric range