Sending invoice

Sending invoice

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Stefan Warmerdam asked 1 week ago

Sending invoice through the admin portal via “/invoices” is not working, it seems there is something wrong with the default email template.
Error modal upon clicking “Send”:
Undefined variable: notificationBody

Stacktrace error in debug logging:
[2019-09-09 07:57:02] production.ERROR: Undefined variable: notificationBody {“userId”:1,”email”:”[email protected]”,”exception”:”[object] (ErrorException(code: 0): Undefined variable: notificationBody at /var/www/html/Corals/core/User/Communication/Classes/CoralsBaseNotification.php:184)

1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 1 week ago

Can you check notification event


at Notification templates and make sure that the Email channel is checked
Stefan Warmerdam replied 1 week ago

Yes, it is there and email channel is selected.