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koraygulpinar asked 6 years ago

If you are not registered or logined user in demo, firstly you choose a plan in pricing page. After that system redirect to login page ( But i think this must be to register page ), after registration/login laraship ask again for select plan.For subscription there are many pages, we need to decrease theese uncessary pages.

koraygulpinar replied 6 years ago

Is there any option or customization for core module ? After core changes, updates becomes difficult.

2 Answers
laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


You can customize using :

1) You can override views

2) you can override translations

3) you can use actions and filters hooks

laraship Staff answered 6 years ago

In your case you can edit the member role and uncheck the "subscription required" flag, and that case you wont be redirected to the subscription page

koraygulpinar replied 6 years ago

Briefly, there is a pricing page in frontend. In starter you choose one product to subscript, then system redirect to login page, after registration or logins, system redirect you again pricing page. This is unccessary, because you choosed product in frontend. How can i disable this system ?

laraship Staff replied 6 years ago

This is how it got designed