Routes for various modules not working Error 500

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jean.painter asked 5 years ago
I purchased the Elite version and followed the installation instruction.  I installed all the modules I need but when I try to follow the route links in the Dashboard of a normal member user I get 500 errors. I've cleared the route cache and rebuilt it along with other cache's with no success.  I haven't setup a debug environment yet to dig down to source of the problem, but as far as I'm concerned default routes should work out of the box.  The log at /var/logs/nginx/error.log didn't catch any of these internal server errors. Below are examples of routes that just don't work: http://www.mysite.tld/classified/wishlist/my http://www.mysite.tld/directory/user/listings http://www.mysite.tld/directory/user/reviews This works--->http://www.mysite.tld/directory/user/invite-friends http://www.mysite.tld/faqs
laraship Staff replied 5 years ago

Did you see our response below ?

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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello, For 500 errors please check the following link