Register as a Doctor – updated in Available user Role

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manigds.ksit asked 3 years ago
I have installed Registration Module, Under Setting, in user screen, I have added Doctor role in - available registration role, but it is not visible on Register Page, We also want the doctor to select the classification, Gold, Silver or Standard when they register. how to use that feature?
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laraship Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello, In order to under how this feature will work please check our documentation  
  • Default Registration role can set from the Settings, however with Laraship you can create different themes and URLs for registration for each role, so instead of a standard /register URL, it can be /register/business or /register/buyer, and the same thing for login. pages, overridden login and registration pages should be located under resources/themes/[active-theme]/login/[role].blade.php and resources/themes/[active-theme]/register/[role].blade.php as in the screenshot below