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Luis Wenus asked 4 years ago
I tried following the theme customization, I followed all the steps, but for some reason, I am just getting error 500.    This is what my json file for the theme looks like: {     "type": "frontend",     "name": "marketplace-kyp-2",     "extends": "corals-marketplace-marty",     "caption": "Kyp Testing",     "version": "1.0",     "assetPath": "assets\/themes\/marketplace-kyp-2" } However, it only works if I copy all files over and do "extends":null. But this causes issues with the language links etc. What could the issue be, and how do I extend a theme and only change the files I copy into the folder?   Used the documentation: https://www.laraship.com/docs/laraship/customize-laraship/customize-themes-using-theme-manager/