One Command Installer MySQL Issue

One Command Installer MySQL Issue

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Trevor Clarke asked 6 months ago
doing a fresh install via the one command installer process and I\’m getting an error todo with the settings table data… see screenshots

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laraship Staff answered 6 months ago
Hello Trevor
We just pushed a fix to the issue you have above, can you please download the latest package and do a fresh installation again
Trevor Clarke
replied 6 months ago

I’ve downloaded and gone through the install steps, selecting fresh install, Subscription, stripe, Corals Saas.

Seemed to complete ok in the terminal.

When I go to the domain address I get 500 error:

[2022-02-02 17:53:42] local.ERROR: Declaration of Corals\Modules\Utility\Models\Address\Location::sluggable() must be compatible with Cviebrock\EloquentSluggable\Sluggable::sluggable(): array {“exception”:”[object] (Symfony\\Component\\ErrorHandler\\Error\\FatalError(code: 0): Declaration of Corals\\Modules\\Utility\\Models\\Address\\Location::sluggable() must be compatible with Cviebrock\\EloquentSluggable\\Sluggable::sluggable(): array at /public_html/Corals/modules/Utility/Models/Address/Location.php:36)
#0 {main}

I’ve changed
public function sluggable()


public function sluggable(): array


and now the laraship loads on the domain

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