laravel update to version 6 with php 7.2 issue

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Cécile Leong asked 5 years ago
After running composer update the error bellow occurs: Writing lock file Generating optimized autoload files > Illuminate\Foundation\ComposerScripts::postAutoloadDump > @php artisan package:discover --ansi In CustomFieldsModelTrait.php line 82: Class 'Str' not found Script @php artisan package:discover --ansi handling the post-autoload-dump event returned with error code 1 file composer.lock has been deleted but problem still remains Please help
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello, Please make sure Foundation module is updated and  Corals/core/Foundation/FoundationServiceProvider.php has the following lines at #95
$loader->alias('Arr', Arr::class);
$loader->alias('Str', Str::class);
Cécile Leong replied 5 years ago

I've got the solution, some folders on server are write protected so unable to unzip and update correctly laraship. Need just to change file access permission then unzip again laraship.