Issue with cart functionality and Checkout

Issue with cart functionality and Checkout

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adm asked 1 month ago


I have already written you for same.

I am facing Issue with Cart features on cart page and checkout.

  1. Removing an item from cart does’t disappear from cart page automatically or doesn’t refresh cart list automatically.

  1. Processing to step Confirm order in some cases it shows two different prices,( if any product from cart is removed by user after step of Shipping and Billing Address. )

Please have a look and let me know the solution on priority.

2 Answers
laraship Staff answered 1 month ago


Thank you, our dev team is able to reproduce the issue now, we will inform you once it got fixed.

adm replied 4 weeks ago

How much time it will take to reproduce?
We need this urgently.

laraship Staff answered 3 weeks ago


Issue has been fixed to all themes and pushed to both remote updater and downloads section under your account

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