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Sebastian asked 3 years ago
Hi guys, I am trying to install a forum package to use in the backend of Laraship subscriptHere is the link to the package: This package install in the vendor folder of the applications, and publishes a config files, its assets, and migrations. I think everything is going well, but the only progblem i am running into is that the blade files that come with the package do not properly use the Theme component you guys made. So it attempts to look for its layouts file in the resources/views/ folder as per standard laravel procdure. I did not attempt to transform this package into a laraship type module, as I'm trying to avoid that work if possible. Is there a way to hack this themeing issue so that it can use the themes that I have designated in my app? thanks, Sebastian
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laraship Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello Sebastian, Unfortunately, we haven't used this package before, however, if the package used standard blade views, you only need to ask the vendor how to override the extension views and then add to the extended view the code needed