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rams asked 4 years ago
I need your help please ! I bought a template from you (Directory), except that I just saw that there is no document to explain how to install in the cpanel and in the localhost, and also how to modify everything ... while it is written on your site that the template is easy to modify, thank you in advance for your assistance
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laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, Thank you for reaching us, Laraship is built on Laravel and the installation instruction requires "composer" as its mentioned clearly in our server requirement: We've installed Laraship so many times under cPanel, as long as the hosting gives you SSH access and it has server requirements listed in the above URL you should be good. Under installations instructions: , we have these instructions in boldĀ  Note: if you are on a shared server then it's recommended to set it on your local environment and then move the final generated files and database to the server.   Regarding "Modifying everything" modifications vary from client to another, we have our documentation and we're happy to update it with missing instructions, however, if you need to modify the code or add new features that are you responsibility, not ours.   Thanks