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Joel Bejar G asked 3 years ago
Hello, we have installed laraship Elite on a development server with domain, now we buy laraship marketplace we want to install it on the same server and have it operatingthe marketplace and the directory with the intention of reviewing them and later integrating them, considering that they have 2 different licenses and then make a switch license to the domain ofproduction, it was tried to Add the Marketplace to the Elite from administration in \"Add New Module\" but framework couldn\'t check license: You dont have access to this pluginIt would serve for examplea) Copying the installation files (all or a part) from the Marketplace to the directory where the Elite is to later installb) Install the marketplace in a subdomain or in another domain using the Elite databasec) Install the marketplace first and then install the eliteOr what would you recommend? Thank you.
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laraship Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello, In case you want to integrate both later, what you can do is adding the license keys concatenated by "|" inside the .env file for example: LICENSE_KEY=EX-1234-5678|EX-9876-5432