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Kevin Lucas asked 3 years ago
Hi we are trying to add products with csv and the function is not working properly we keep getting that file path is wrong on the upload folder. I have attached what we are seeing. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Kev
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laraship Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello, the provided path seems to be incorrect, can you made sure its relative to you HTML folder, also path is case sensitive specially for Linux and Mac environments
kev replied 3 years ago

I tried ever possible combination. The file path is correct In the media file I created a folder in media called Shop and then inside that I created a folder called test-store-1 as a test and it just wont link. what am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Kev

laraship Staff replied 3 years ago

Can you also please check folder permissions and make sure its readable by web server

kev replied 3 years ago

I have checked and it says permissions are set to read/write