How to get a basic gateway basic structure recognized by laraship.

Laraship QuestionsCategory: New Payment Gateway RequestHow to get a basic gateway basic structure recognized by laraship.
Lentini Fernandes asked 5 years ago
Hi, first I had asked the same question and the answer I had is that each gateway is different so you couldn't explain it ... I don't want you to develop a gateway... I want to know what are the steps to create a basic module to be recognized by laraship as a gateway and some important points how to go to next step if the transaction is successful is just that ... the gateway implementation I can develop myself integration with my country's gateway as I usually do. Your documentation does not speak of technical implementations only on how to configure PayPal, stripe, etc. For the second time I ask you to help me, the payment system I want to implement is used by 100% of the population, here I think 5% uses Paypal and 0% uses stripe so these are not for me. Please help me, Best Regards.
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello.   We already mentioned each payment gateway has its different implementation, you already have the source code of two payment gateways at least that you can see how they are structured and so on. You need to follow the same structure of the Stripe and Paypal and other payment gateways we provide. and you need to have enough skills to trace the code.   There is are hundreds of payment gateways in the world. and each has a different setup. so we can only help you with existing payment gateways.