How to Create Order through Admin panel Or Codex?

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalHow to Create Order through Admin panel Or Codex?
imran.ali asked 5 years ago

Form Builder Module:

1.) How does it provide feature to change dynamic value of select dropdown?

2.)How Can I customize FORM, that is displaying by using short-code on Frontend and perform CRUD operation on that.?

Ecommerce Module:

1.) I am able to add menu in admin panel but didn\'t able to redirect it to custom page, where I can run my own script. Please guide?

2.)I didn\'t find documentation in descriptive way where each and every hooks and its parameters are well defined and explained. What functions are laraship providing for creating CUSTOMERS, add items in CART and Run CHECKOUT flow, generate ORDERS manually.?

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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago


Greate news.

  • Manual orders features have been released today,so you can download your package with this feature, and it does not only support products but you can also chanfe for fees or service which will make it a nice invoicing tool.
  • for other questions above please please create a seperate question for each topic with more details, explinations and screenshots