How to cancel a Subscription properly ?

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalHow to cancel a Subscription properly ?
rogba asked 6 years ago


When i'm in the /subscriptions/subscriptions/ i can see all the subscriptions listed, and each one has its own action (three dots) that allow only 'Edit'

When i click Edit it open a page with the specific subscription and there's three options : Active, Cancelled and Pending.

But there's a notification that says : ((To avoid data inconsistency with the remote gateway, editing subscription manually is not recommended, and changes need to be reflected the remote gateway manually.))

if i select cancel and hit update it's not recommanded, so what is the recommanded way please ?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


If admin going to cancel subscriptions from users then it has to be cancelled from the payment gateway dashboard manually too.

Auto payment gateway cancellation only supported for subscription owners