how can i one of the laraship module in another project

Laraship QuestionsCategory: Technicalhow can i one of the laraship module in another project
Himangi Lawate asked 7 months ago
Hi, I have installed successfully installed laraship application. it works well. laraship product is awesome. I want to install one of the laraship modules on my other project. Is it laraship provide such functionality? let me know. If Yes, let me know your process.
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laraship Staff answered 7 months ago


Laraship is a comprehensive platform and its strauctured to avoid code duplications, so many modues relies on Core modules and hence we dont recommend and we dont beleieve the process you're moving with will work.

We highly recommend to build your own custom modules under Laraship, its structure is very brilliant and and well defined.

We offer deveopment services at $25/hour as well as dedicated resources with exptensive Laraship experience

Himangi Lawate replied 7 months ago


Let me reiterate my question.
I have already running Laravel Live Project/application/Website & I required the Subscription functionality in my current project. So I got this extension/product in Laravel.
So could you please let us know how we can install or use Laraship Subscription package in my current Laravel Live Project/website.

My Current Laravel Website Version – 8+
PHP Version – 8+

Please let us know.

laraship Staff replied 7 months ago

Since we do not know the current structure of your application, it’s impossible to know how to implement this, you have been provided with full source code, and your developers should be better off answering here. This is out of support scope

Himangi Lawate replied 6 months ago

okay thanks for your feedback.
I am Laravel Developer & I know my folder structure/source code etc. However, I am not able to understand how to install/implement the Laraship features into my current Laravel Project. I checked the solution but I couldn’t find the solution.
So can you please help us? Let us know the efforts required for the same(we know your charges). For further details we can connect over the call & do let us know.

laraship Staff replied 6 months ago

Unfortunately, we can only do this through custom development. This is not something that can be answered within a call and will need research and investigation

Himangi Lawate replied 6 months ago

Thank you. Let us know how we can start with custom development. Whats the process to initiate the work? We need your support asap.

FYI, I would want to know the comercials in detail before we start the work.

laraship Staff replied 6 months ago

Dear, please send us your Skype to [email protected] and we will contact you and start the conversation

laraship Staff replied 6 months ago

Thanks will contact you tomorrow morning