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duncan asked 6 years ago


I need to expand the featured_image on the homepage to allow 12 images, I have them adding to the database on update and appearing on the views within CMS, but I'm struggling to pull them into the edit page of the CMS.

I can’t figure out is where $page->featured_image is being set for use on create_edit.blade.php within ‘CMS/resources/views/pages/‘. If I dump($page->featured_image) it returns the correct entry from the media table for collection name 'featured_image', however I have set a new collection_name to ‘featured_image1,2,3,4’ etc but can’t see how to populate $page->featured_image1,2,3,4 etc.

When I dump ($page) there are no attributes for ‘featured_image’, yet it’s magically there if you dump $page->featured_image.

Any help appreciated.

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


Featured image is set at Corals/modules/CMS/Models/Content.php

    public function getFeaturedImageAttribute()


$media = $this->getFirstMedia('featured-image');

if ($media) {

return $media->getUrl();

} elseif (isset($this->attributes['featured_image_link']) && $this->attributes['featured_image_link']) {

return url($this->attributes['featured_image_link']);


return null;


duncan replied 6 years ago

Thank you.