Error creating new listing – new install

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Towny asked 10 months ago

Hi Support

I have done a fresh install of elite platform in the last week.

similar error to this issue

When adding listings

I am getting the following error With debugging on.

CoralsFoundationModelsBaseModel and

Spatie ActivitylogTraitsLogsActivity define the same property

($changesPipes) in the composition of CoralsModulesUtilityModelsTagTag.

However, the definition differs and is considered incompatible. Class was composed

The listing is created however the redirect on submission of the new listing does not occur.

Stays on the add record page for listing.

I am also getting errors while importing demo data (server error) for either the CMS Demo and Directory Demo data.

Most of the demo data still seems to be imported.

Also have an error importing demo data at installation.

I have been skipping import demo to make sure the install finishes without error.


2 Answers
Saeed Matar Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Towny,

We did a sanity check on the downloadable version of our elite package, and seems everything working as expected,

please check the following:

  • you are using the correct laraship version
  • you are using composer v2 or higher
  • your php version should be 8 or higher

if you still facing the issue send us the login details to debug from our side


Saeed Matar Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Towny,
We've debugged the evn and we found the issue, it is related to the php version 8.0.29
is it easy for you to switch to a higher version 8.1.0 ? if not as a quick solution do the following please:
in this Corals/core/Foundation/Models/BaseModel.php line 22
remove the latest trait from the code , LogsActivity
so instead of the following:
ModelActionsTrait, Translatable, HasSettings, BaseRelations, ModelPropertiesTrait, LogsActivity;
it should be changed to:
ModelActionsTrait, Translatable, HasSettings, BaseRelations, ModelPropertiesTrait;
let me know if you have any questions