Designer Issues

Designer Issues

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Vishal Verma asked 1 month ago

I am facing issues in editing with designer.
Look at my 2 pdf\’s taken at same time.
Desiger layout doesnt reflect in actual layout even after clearing cache


Staff replied 1 month ago


Can you upload attachments again, we don’t see them in the question..

Vishal Verma
replied 1 month ago

Already did several times, Look at it once again

2 Answers
laraship Staff answered 1 month ago
You need to inspect CSS styles and see what are the CSS styles been applied differently, this is normal behavoius for any page builder. because in frontend there can be different css set 
Vishal Verma
replied 4 weeks ago

What do you mean by different CSS set!
How can I change my layout according to my designer ?

laraship Staff answered 4 weeks ago
Inside theme.json file under your active theme, for example, resources/themes/marketplace-master/theme.json there is a section called css where these css files will be included in designer, make sure the files in the public website has the same list as the file designer
Vishal Verma
replied 4 weeks ago

They are same.

Still I am facing issue.

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