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Michael Chen asked 5 years ago
We have a couple of customisation to carry out. 1. Can a User have 1 billing address but multiple shipping addresses? I could see something called Multiple Profile Addresses.  How do i do it? 2. We want to restrict User's Brand and Category access. 3. Also, we want to provide product discount on a Brand level for a user. Any of these are inbuilt or can you point me to the right direction on doing these changes? Also, what is the 'classification' under Users section? Thanks, Sheela
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Michael.
  • In User Profile there Address Management where you can define types, but currently, for address type, only one address can be filled
  • Can you explain what is the restriction level?
  • User classification can be used for specifying custom price per classification, for example, Silver price, gold price, this feature is available on Marketplace module