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hello3 asked 5 years ago
Custom Plugin – I have followed instructions from all seems clear (except the instructions may need an update as uses “Foo” not “Foobar”) I have replaced case sensitive Foo/foo files folders + updated the DB migration file. I see my new custom module but when I go to install the new module I get a red “Server Error”. I have renamed the _module.json, cleared application cache before/after “composer update” install (ran this a couple of times). Any Guidance would be appreciated.
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laraship Staff answered 5 years ago


Imagine "Foo" is your plugin name and "Bar" is a model inside this module, for example if you want to build a CRM system with contact management then you can replace "Foo" with "CRM" and "Bar" with Contact

You need to enable logging or view app logs to know what is the error as "server error" is very genric error