Create your own Crud plugin.

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Gelber Orlando Moran Silva asked 4 years ago
Hi, I need help with Create Your Own Plugin. I receive errors when creating a crud, can you help me how to make a crud. I am new to laraship and if I know of laravel, but to adapt to the modules it is difficult for me, in cases such as: making queries, to delete and edit. for example if I make a query from BasrControllerĀ 
 public function index() { $users = DB::table(\'users\')->get(); return view(\'bars.index\', [\'users\' => $users]); }
  and I list this table, I attach image  
Can you help me with more information ..Thank you
1 Answers
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, The DataTable Data source is determined by the the query function under the datatTable class inside DatatTables folder.