CMS ISSUE : Not able to add Custom fields drop down.

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalCMS ISSUE : Not able to add Custom fields drop down.
bhavika asked 4 years ago
Administration > Custom Fields > : here i have tried to add a new Field under Listing mode.
My requirement is to add a dropdown with some values, hence selected Field Type "Select" , select "Options Source" > "Static" , tried to add Key and Value, pressing on Plus key nothing is happening. When tried to debug it shows >> Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier and error shows for this line "fields[0][custom_attributes]_init = function () {"
laraship Staff replied 4 years ago


What is the version of the Utilities and Settings module you have?

asma.h.almalki replied 4 years ago

I had same problem , I fixed it by add some changes in key_value component and in custom_fields_form_fields views
1- add “function_name”=>”custom_attributes_”.$index and “function_name”=>”options_”.$index, to array passed to key_value component
2- use $function_name variable in key_value component.
3- check if $function_name is null and assign it to $name variable to work correctly in other tasks.