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Wafie Ali asked 3 years ago
I have an issue with Cart grid page and summary getting duplicated for same product or variation instead of increase quantity. This happened after page refresh or re-visit after use changed to another pages previously. The scenario as per this:- 1. From UI, when click 'Add To Cart' repeteadly without refreshing page, it will only add on quantity and update price. 2. But when refreshing page, visit another pages a while or check 'Cart Details', the repeated steps will duplicated as new items. 3. For same products or variations, I would like it to only added quantities and update prices instead of duplicating. hope can helps. I ask via whatsapp, the person said it has been resolved but unsure upon released. Kindly advise and feel free to advise on specific file or functions. We might not conveniently to update via UI for live production site. Thanks.