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Jeremy Bruck asked 4 years ago
Hi Corals, We have been using the "advertising module" for the past few months and working well. I noticed the latest 3.02 adde some "banner stats" which is great... only concern is how "granular" it is. For instance, wondering why to show the "slug" in the display which seems to confuse things. Our marketing person is instead just wanting to know the "impressions, clicks, CTR" of X advertiser and then maybe later the same info on an advertiser's campaign. Perfect world scenario -- have a "drop down" of the advertisers and show the "stats" (impressions, clicks, ctr) broken down by date range (monthly is an easy accepted business metric) so no need even up front to add in a "date range picker". I do see the "filter" where I can select "banner" and "zone" but that still doesn't allow us to "report" "overall stats" to an advertiser.... yes, for now we will just bounce between all the "banners" for X advertiser and create a separate spread sheet so we can get totals for impressions, clicks and CTR.
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laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello Jeremy Bruck . Thanks for your feedback and we sent this to the development team and hope to see this under future releases, if you're interested to push this feature faster, we can offer some competitive priceĀ