Adding 2 Custom Module

Laraship QuestionsCategory: TechnicalAdding 2 Custom Module
Vishal Verma asked 4 years ago

I had to change autoload_classmap and autoload_static, for adding 2 custom module.
Will this 2 files be reset on new update of laraship ?
If so, then suggest me another way of adding new module to laraship

2 Answers
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
These files should never be touched as they are generated by the composer, and we have documented how to create your own plugin
laraship Staff answered 4 years ago
Hello, Did you try running the command:  composer dump before installing? also   If you run into an issue with Laraship either during setup, configuration or development. Laraship has a Logging system where errors can be found under storage/logs/laravel.log.