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nao asked 6 years ago

I have questions about Multi-Auth of Laraship.

I'd like admin users to access https://domain/admin/ area only.

URLs are https://domain/admin/login and

https://domain/admin/dashboard etc.

1)The modules and core have each web.php file.

Do I need to code below line manually at each web.php file?

Route::group(['prefix' => 'admin', 'middleware' => 'auth:admin'], function() {


2)About Middleware setting, is it good to have files just in app/Http/Middleware folder?

3)When I do admin's Multi-Auth at Laraship, which is better

to use Multi-Auth package (e.g. https://github.com/Hesto/multi-auth )

or to code manually?

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laraship Staff answered 6 years ago


1) The Standard and recommended way is to do it through roles and permissions management you have and create a new permission to dashboard access.

Then assign this to a role you customize all it admin for example and then add to the dashboard controller

if (!user()->hasPermissionTo('User::dashboard.access')) {



2) Check PaymentServiceProvider in how to register middlewares dynamically.

public function register()


$this->app['router']->pushMiddlewareToGroup('web', \Torann\Currency\Middleware\CurrencyMiddleware::class);


3) This Relies on your business and requirement and how much the package provided